Every summer, Chicago hosts a huge music festival called Lollapalooza. This massive music festival could not be located in a better place: 300 East Congress Parkway in Grant Park, Chicago. You are probably wondering how big Lollapalooza really is. Well, let’s just say that over 160,000 people come to this three-day period music festival. That many people at a music festival means that one can expect to see or experience a lot of crowd surfing!

Lollapalooza features a large variety of music, which includes many extremely popular bands and artists. For instance, some of the highly respected bands and artists that were 2011’s lineup included: Bright Eyes, Arctic Monkeys, Ok Go, Black Lips, and many, many more. Even Lady Gaga performed at Lollapalooza in the year of 2010! Reagan Payne, a fellow Chicagoan, went to Lollapalooza while Lady Gaga was performing. When I asked Reagan what it was like seeing Lady Gaga at Lollapalooza she replied, “I couldn’t believe how interactive she was with the audience; it was so cool!”

Many bands have highly benefited from Lollapalooza because of the fact that the music festival helped expose and popularize them towards to public. In other words, many famous bands of today were given the opportunity to be recognized by performing at Lollapalooza.


About oguinaugh

I'm a junior at Loyola University Chicago
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