Navy Pier

Over Chicago’s shoreline of Lake Michigan lies a 3,300-foot long pier called Navy Pier. The pier got its name in 1927 in honor of World War I veterans. Navy Pier was built in 1916 and was originally made to be a cargo facility as well as a docking space for passenger excursion steamers; however, today Navy Pier is known as the number one tourist attraction in Chicago.

Perhaps all of the attractions that Navy Pier obtains is the reasoning behind its popularity among tourists. For instance, there are multiple companies that provide sight-seeing tours located at the pier: Seadog Ventures, Shoreline Sightseeing cruises, Water Taxi service, and the Tall Ship Windy. In case the name of these tour companies didn’t already give it away, but all of these tours take place on boats!

Another attraction that makes Navy Pier a popular place to visit is the fireworks. There are firework shows every Wednesday and Saturday night during the summer, and Saturday nights during the fall. Even if there is no special holiday going on, Navy Pier makes those nights exciting anyway!

Navy Pier’s Ferris Wheel is one of the most attention-grabbing attractions of the entire pier. Juan Rubio, a resident in the Chicago area, explained his first experience on the Ferris Wheel as, “Unbelievable. It was such a great view that I literally forgot that I am terrified of heights!” The first The Ferris Wheel is 148-feet high, so it gives visitors a wonderful view of Chicago when they reach the top!


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