Chicago Food

Chicago definitely knows how to master great-tasting food. If you have never been to Chicago before, have no fear on finding places to enjoy fantastic meals. If you are unsure of what exactly you want to try and eat in Chicago then you are in luck…Every summer there is an outdoor food festival called, “Taste of Chicago” that showcases the diversity of Chicago’s dining community. This festival gives people a perfect opportunity to try Chicago-styled food from the best restaurants in Chicago without forcing them to empty their wallets.

Pizza has always seemed to be the food that Chicago is most famous for. Chicago styled pizza is also known as deep-dish pizza. In other words, it is a pizza with a buttery crust that is stuffed with loads of cheese and ingredients, and then topped with a chunky tomato sauce. When I asked Juan Rubio, a fellow Chicagoan, what he loves about Chicago styled pizza he responded, “Not only does it taste like heaven, but it also fills you up after literally one slice!” Chicago styled pizza has been this popular ever since it was invented at Pizzeria Uno, located in Chicago, in 1943!



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I'm a junior at Loyola University Chicago
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