Millennium Park

July 16, 2004 marks the date when one of the most popular sites in Chicago was opened. Millennium Park is without a doubt a must see for people visiting Chicago. The public park is located in the Loop community area of Chicago, and was originally made to celebrate the millennium. Perhaps all of the features that Millennium Park obtains are what makes it such an unforgettable experience for its visitors.

One of Millennium Park’s most well known features is the Cloud Gate; however, most Chicagoans just call it “the bean.” The bean is basically a giant bean-shaped sculpture that reflects your image upon it. People love to gather around it and take pictures, because they also capture an image of themselves on it.

I asked a fellow Chicagoan, Molly Carmody, to explain her thoughts on the popularity of the bean and her thoughts were, “Lets just say that I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have a picture with the bean; unless of course they have never been to Chicago before.”

In July 2004, another exciting feature to see at Millennium Park was created by designer Jaume Plensa: The Crown Fountain. The Crown Fountain obtains two fifty-feet tall towers that display interactive art by using special lighting called light-emitting diodes to portray digital images. The fountain’s use of water is perhaps one of its most unique aspects. Plensa designed the Crown Fountain’s use of water in a way that promotes physical interaction between the public and the water. People can even sign up to have their face displayed on one of the Crown Fountain’s towers. No wonder The Crown Fountain is such a popular place to visit!

When Chicago’s extremely cold winters are finally over, Chicagoans love to visit their revolutionary outdoor concert venue: The Jay Pritzker Pavilion. Not only is this pavilion a great place to experience live music, but the architecture of it is amazing to look at as well. The Jay Pritzker Pavilion stands 120-feet tall and has brushed stainless steel ribbons framing the stage. It also includes 4,000 fixed seats and has a great big lawn that accommodates an additional 7,000 people. In other words, the Jay Pritzker Pavilion is a perfect place to listen to music on a nice sunny day in Chicago.



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